Writing a presenter's course - Part 02

This was one of the most frustrating streams I made so far. My UPS went crazy in the middle of it, so I ended up having to split the video in two. And all that was after streaming for about an hour with the stream not really working.

Part 1:

Part 2:

I started an experiment I've been thinking for a long time. I'll write a course on stream in order to share the knowledge.

On this stream I work in a course about creating a framework agnostic presenter library in Ruby.

Here's a snapshot of the course syllabus so far:

Basic Presenter [4/4]   free
  • What is a presenter?

  • Target and Context

  • Forwarding to the target object

  • Demistifying the view

Instantiating Presenters [2/5]   paid
  • Mystique.present (with)

  • Inferring the presenter class

  • TODO Mystique.present_collection

  • Defining the base presenter class (Mystique::Presenter) This is already done in "Forwarding to the target object".

  • Adding context This is already done in "Forwarding to the target object".

Presenter DSL/API   paid
  • Presenting on a presenter

  • Presenting a collection

  • Formatting

Testing [0/1]   paid
  • Testing presenters

Integrating with frameworks and libraries [0/0]   paid
  • Using it with Rails

  • Using it with Roda

Mystique [0/0]   free
Live sessions: TDD-ing the library   paid

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