Learning ROM, a Ruby Persistence Library - Part 02

This is the second stream on a series where I sit down to learn the Ruby Object Mapper library.

On this stream I moved to a file based SQLite database instead of a memory based one.

Things I learned on the stream:
  • Configuring a file based SQLite database.

  • How to write the SQLite database URI (I always forget how to do this).

  • How to write migrations.

  • How to create Rake tasks for creating migrations and migrating the database.

Things I still need to learn:
  • Working with PostgreSQL.

A quick note on the things to learn: I need to learn much more than what I'm including here, but I'm trying to put the logical next steps and keep adding as I go.

I'm doing this for two reasons:

  • First, I don't want to get overwhelmed with all the things.

  • Second, I want the topics to come out organically instead of forcing them.

For this reason, I'm adding just a few things to learn at the time (probably 2 or 3 at most).