Learning ROM, a Ruby Persistence Library - Part 01

This is the first stream on a series where I sit down to learn the Ruby Object Mapper library.

I created the basic structure of an application, but just the persistence layer.

I've started with Sqlite on memory just to get the basic setup up and running.

On the next streams on this series I'll try to configure Postgres with migrations and seeds.

Things I learned on the stream:
  • I started by learning some of the basic concepts


    It's the entry point to ROM persistence layer. It's the one in charge of getting our queries and passing them to the ROM ecosystem.


    It's where the magic happens. Is the component that actually queries the database.

  • Configuring SQL relations using SQLite memory.

  • Reading and writing data to the database.

  • The basics of splitting the ROM persistence layer into multiple files using ROM's explicit setup.

Things I still need to learn:
  • Working with non-memory databases. I'll probably start using a SQLite file and then move over to PostgreSQL.

  • Using migrations to handle database changes using ROM.