You just finished developer bootcamp, now what?

The world of programming can be daunting. But you don't have to go through it alone.

Congratulations! You just made it through coding bootcamp. You're on your way to realizing your dreams as a software developer.

But now that you're working on your portfolio, you feel lost in a sea of code. Seemingly simple features feel just out of reach. You understand the big picture of the framework you're using, but you have trouble connecting the dots.

What if someone could help you break through the fog?

An experienced guide who has been through this before?

Contrary to what people might've told you, programming is not a solitary endeavor. Just like with anything in life, we learn best when we have someone to talk through problems with.

Hi, I'm Federico Iachetti. I've been exactly where you are. Now, after 8 years of professional software development I want to help you take the next step and understand how everyhing fits together.

As part of my own growth as a programmer, I've decided to improve my teaching skills by offering Free 1-hour 1-on-1 Mentoring Sessions. I want to invite you to a 1 hour long video conference session. You bring a problem, something you're stuck on, a technology you want to try out. I'll help you in any way I can in the available time.

You can book a session right here, using the following calendar or read on for more information.

Q: What technologies can I get help with?

I've worked mostly using Ruby, but I wouldn't avoid other tech stacks. I can help either with knowledge or by providing an extra pair of eyes or a different perspective.

As long as there's value to be provided, I'm game.

Q: What language will the session be in?

I'm comfortable with either English or Spanish, so if you speak one of those, we'll be fine.

Q: What's the catch?

/There's no such thing as a free meal, so… what's the catch? /

You are probably skeptical about this whole business. You might be thinking "He has to be getting something from all of this".

And you're right, I am. There are two things I'm getting from this. One is experience and the other is exposure. I swear there are no hidden charges.

And in case you need more convincing, please consider this:

  • This is an experiment I'm running. If I think it doesn't work, I'll just cancel it.

  • This offer won't be open forever. At some point I'll start charging for this service (and maybe leave just a couple of free slots).

  • I want to gain some experience with these kind of sessions, because I want to become better at it

  • Apart from experience, I'll be gathering information about the problems developers face and what they want to learn in order to perfect this mentoring sessions as a service.

  • Giving away free slots, as I said before, will give me a TON of exposure to the development community.

Q: Who am I? Are you sure you wanna know?

My name is Federico and I look like this on the internets

I've been a Ruby developer since 2011. I've been in small and bigger teams. And now I've taken a journey of self-growth by trying to teach and help others.

I'm currently working only on personal projects (not just of the coding kind).

I'm an avid movie watcher and a Doctor Who fan. Fun fact: I call my office a TARDIS.

I really like superheroes, such as Superman and Spiderman (as you probably guessed by how I formulated this question).

And I want to help you on your journey.

Lets work together!

What do you say? Are you ready to take you next step with an experienced guide by your side?

Then, don't be shy and reserve a slot right here.

Thank you.