November 18th, 2019

November 11th, 2019


I've been feeling like hell the last 2 or 3 days. I've been experiencing neck pain and nausea constantly.

Today I had a very early mentoring session scheduled. When I woke up, the first thought that came to mind was "I hope it gets canceled, I'm feeling like hell". But it wasn't. So I woke up around 6:50, cleaned myself up and run to the TARDIS (my office is called the TARDIS). I prepared my mate and created the meeting room.

The session went really well and 10 minutes in I discovered I wasn't experiencing any pain nor feeling sleepy, which surprised me. This was yet another confirmation that mentoring is something I love doing. Not just from the professional side, but from a personal standpoint as well.

Re-thinking life

This month I have no free mentoring sessions scheduled. I've slacked off on marketing efforts because I haven't been feeling well myself. I've been thinking and re-thinking about my place in life. Who am I and where am I standing. And I have no clear answer. But what I keep discovering in new ways is that I love teaching. I need to double down on this.

What's coming next?

I have a couple of "projects" under my belt.


I plan to double down on mentoring. I think this is my calling. Currently, I can do some free sessions, but I need some paid ones in order to keep the family fed.

A marketing plan is necessary here.


I started writing a course not too long ago (I won't say what it's about yet).

I think having a product to sell will also help the home economy.

But a marketing plan is also needed. I think I have a very important topic in my hands and (if I do things the right way), I can make it profitable.


I want to start a Mastermind. I already proposed this to someone and we need to move forward finding other interested people and setting a schedule.

I should write that email this week.

Coding project

I also have been planning on starting a code project I really want to work on. I started this a long while ago and never moved forward with it.

I want to do a fresh-start this week, maybe having the help of a friend to get it moving. But I still have to ask him if he'd be interested in this particular problem to solve.


I'm also working my way into teaching in a Bootcamp. I've been offered this opportunity 2 weeks ago and haven't started working on the videos I need to make to apply for it until today.

I think it's a really good opportunity for me, and I hope I don't mess it up.

I've been deferring this task because I'm not feeling comfortable recording (and add that to the fact that I haven't been feeling well health and sleep-wise).

But today I started practicing and recording the first of two videos. I plan to have it done soon. I don't think I'll aim for perfection just because I want to get moving and perfection will only make it harder.

In conclusion

I'm trying to start moving again after a period of feeling depressed with myself. I'm trying to start feeling well not by "resting", but by changing habits and forcing myself to be the person I want to be.

This is and has been really hard for me, but I want to change it.