I'm starting a journal

September 6th, 2019


Today is a great day. Today I start doing two things I wanted to start doing a while ago.

The first one is an online journal (or any journal for that matter). I wanted to produce a short log every day. I think this is a good practice for several reasons. First, I can settle my thoughts and feelings for future review. On the other hand, forcing myself to write how I'm feeling also makes me actually think about it and I think, with time, I'll come to know myself a little better. There are other benefits to journaling, but they don't come to mind at this time (and I'm writing everything as it comes out, without research nor editing).

The second practice I'm starting today is a daily meditation ritual. My wife is studying Mindfulness and she's been kind enough to share with me her expertise and some of her meditations. I'm starting with a daily 15 minutes guided meditation. This meditation consists on getting in a comfortable position and focusing on the breath for 15 straight minutes.

The session went much better than I expected. I was able to keep focus for the duration of the entire exercise. And it wasn't hard. I've tried meditating in the past (with the same type of practice) and it was practically impossible for me to keep myself together for more that two minutes. I wonder if this is just because of the novelty of starting this more seriously or if it's gonna keep being easy for me. I'll keep you posted.