Writing for human beings

If you are a human being, this blog post tries to be for you.

This is my second attempt of creating a blog. My first attempt died down pretty quickly because of two things.

First, it was attacked and the hosting provider blocked the server account for security reasons. At the same time I realized that I wasn't very good at writing posts for human beings. It took me a lot of effort to make a short, coherent post, so I didn't even try to revive it (and that's the second reason).

The truth is that I've been wanting to have a blog for a long time now and I decided that I'd do my best with the tools at my reach. I don't pretend or expect to be an excellent writer now, but to grow with the flow.

What will you find in this blog? Things that I'm passionate about (programming stuff).

I intend to launch several series of blog posts regarding certain practices I want to learn and improve, such as TDD and OOP.

I'll also write about some projects I have (or will have).

All that said, I hope you enjoy my blog.