One step back

I don't believe in new year's resolutions, that's why I didn't make any this year (or any other for that matter). But what I did do is make some mid-term plans. One of them was to start blogging every day, not forever, but for 12 weeks. I also started exercising every day and, after some forced time of, I also needed to make up some work time.

I'm trying to blog every single day because I have a goal to finish a book and to do some teaching and I think that making a habit of writing will help me achieve those goals. Writing every day is hard; even though I have a list of around 70 topics, it's difficult to select one and go at it. But so far, I've managed to make it work… until yesterday. Yesterday was the first day I really had to hassle to write and I didn't like the end result at all. I talked about one of my favorite topics and still didn't do a good job. Today I was actually about to give up on writing. Instead I'm pushing through and writing about it. I'm not sure if this post will be useful for anyone but me, but at least I'm putting something out there, fulfilling what I promised to myself.

I'm not quitting, but hitting my first wall. This is the 17th day, which is not a surprise to me, I expected it to be around this time, so that proves that I can still make it (or at least that's what I'm saying to myself). I'll keep pushing, I'll trust the process and I'll make it to post number 100.

If there are any topics you'd like me to cover, you can leave it on the comments and I'll be happy to work on them. I hope I didn't bore you with my rumblings and I hope this post inspires someone to push through.

There is more to say, but not today. Thank you