Moving my blog to Hugo

If you're one of the 8 people that's visited my blog since it's creation, you probably noticed that it has changed. That's because I'm using Hugo how.

Hugo is a static site generator written in Go (language I've never used in my life). The main thin that drove me to try it out is that it allows writing posts and pages directly using org-mode (among other formats such as Markdown as well).

It's an experiment, but so far I'm very pleased.

I have a very basic installation and I'm using version 0.53. It lacks a lot of the "niceties" that I had with Wordpress, but the site performance is awesome in return. I'm sure I'll be adding plugins or whatever for my ongoing needs, but for now I like that it's extremely focused to me (meaning that I only need to take care of writing and there isn't anything else to think about).

I'm also using a theme that I found it it's extensive themes library. I'll probably change it for a custom theme at some point. Not sure if I'll write it myself or hire someone to.

In order to put it on the interwebs I'm using Netlify, which provides a very straight forward way to deploy the site. All I need to do is push to the master branch on my GitLab repo and that's it. Pretty neat!

I'm hoping to start writing on the blog again and that's easier with the new set up.

Thanks for reading!