Decoupling from Rails

When people ask me "what do yo do for a living?" I tend to answer "I'm a Ruby developer" but, unfortulately, that's not entirely correct.

Is true that my everyday work is writing Ruby code, but I think that right now, the more correct answer to that question is "I'm a rails developer" as almost all my coding is Rails related.

The main reason I like to call myself a Ruby developer is that my intent is to be one pure Ruby developer.

I learned Ruby in 2011 via Rails (Rails for Zombies, Rails Tutorial and RailsCasts) and I began to notice that most of the communities I followed talked about decoupling from Rails. And since then I've been trying to do it.

Why didn't I do it? Simple. Rails has it's way to draw me in. It's very easy to create a new site (or come to an existing Rails project) and just put everything in the kitchen sink. Once you write a line of code in lazy mode, it's pretty difficult to switch gears and start OOPing stuff.

Right about June 2012 I watched (for the first time) Uncle Bob's talk Architecture, the lost years, and something clicked. Since then, I've been doubling my effort to change my ways. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don't.