Should I write my blog in Rails?

As developers we love to create our own software. We tend to reach out to custom built software by default. Building software is what we do and we prefer to have "total control over our tools".

We specially gravitate towards this approach in the early stages of our journey. We use it as an excuse to learn and get better. And, even though it is a good reason to write a blog (or any piece of software for that matter), I don't think it's a good reason to write our own blog (or a client's site).

This is a subtle, but important distinction to make. Writing a blog from scratch for the sake of writing a blog from scratch is a totally valid goal. You start with a known problem and you have a ton of examples to mimic.

But writing software (even "simple" software) comes with trade-offs. For one, Software is never as easy as you figure in your head and once it's written, you always need to add a feature, fix a bug or do any other task related to maintaining it.

And all that time you're spending maintaining is time you could be spending actually filling out your blog with awesome content.

If you use something like Wordpress, you can have a site up and running in 15 minutes. And a nicely looking one with some good features in an hour.

I started my first blog with Wordpress some time go and eventually moved on to other systems (I'm currently writing this post using Hugo and I'm planning on moving to Middleman). And my experience with both systems was much more productive than writing my own (which I attempted once or twice).

I encourage you to start your own blog with a well established CMS, and I specifically recommend Wordpress as a first approach to blogging. You won't regret it.